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  • Application fees are $50.00 per applicant. These fees are non-refundable if cancellation occurs by applicant after 72 hours of applying.
  • All applicants must be eighteen (18) years or older or be a legally emancipated minor to apply for an apartment. All occupants over eighteen (18) are required to complete an application and be a lease holder.
  • No cash accepted. We also accept all major credit cards, visit our website at www.prestonrunapts.com, convenience fees may apply.
  • Application screening includes current and previous employment, rental history, credit check, eviction/skip search and a criminal background check.
  • A deposit reserves an apartment home and is due at the time of application. In addition, a non-refundable Administrative fee ($150.00) must be paid in full when submitting your rental application to our leasing office. Deposits will be forfeited in full if cancellation occurs by applicant after 72 hours of applying.


  • Occupancy guidelines are dependent upon size of apartment chosen. Davidson County Codes will be used to confirm appropriateness of number of occupants as needed.
  • Guests may not reside in home longer than five (5) days without written consent from management.
  • One (1) vehicle per lease signing person and no more than two (2) vehicles per apartment without written consent from management.


  • Household verifiable gross income must equal or be greater than three (3) times the Market rental rate of apartment type chosen.
  • One (1) year at present job or verifiable former employment or an employment offer letter. Two current pay stubs are required. Other methods to verify income may be available.
  • Guarantor lease holders must have verifiable income that equal to five (5) times the Market Rental rate.
  • If self-employed, most current tax return and bank statements for the previous two (2) months must be presented. Applicants employed on a commission only or base pay plus tips/commissions/bonuses are considered self-employed (if unable to qualify on base income).


  • Monthly outstanding debt payments (including rent) should not exceed 50 percent of monthly gross income.
  • No outstanding debt to any housing provider and/or utility provider unless proof of payment in full is provided by debtor.
  • Bankruptcy history is acceptable if positive credit is reflected for the most recent 18 months. Open bankruptcy such as Chapter 13 may require up to two months deposit, depending upon the length of time in the Plan.
  • First time renters may be required to pay additional deposits.
  • International applicants may present a valid passport and/or other valid government issued identification in lieu of domestic credit history.
  • A co-signer will not be acceptable for an applicant(s) with poor credit or eviction.
  • Joint Applicants agree that One (1) account can and will be used to set up the Recurring ACH for payment of Rent and/or monthly fees, and that funding of this account is the responsibility of parties to the lease jointly and severally. Failure of either party to fund his or her portion will not be grounds for nonpayment of rent.

Rental History

  • Positive rental history for the past twelve (12) months must be verified by your previous landlord. First time renters and Active Military will be considered to be good history, unless credit states otherwise.
  • No more than (3) late payments within a 12 month period and no more than 2 NSF payments within a 12 month period will be allowed.
  • No history of Evictions or unpaid Rent Debt. Paid Rent Debt will be considered if positive rental history has been established.

Criminal Background

  • A previous felony does not automatically decline your rental application. Each of them are reviewed and a decision is made by the credit screening company based on severity and length since occurrence.

I hereby authorize and direct any federal, state, or local agency, organization, business or individual to release information that will verify in facts as represented on my application to rent an apartment with Preston Run Apartment Homes. I further understand that if I am not present, my signature must be notarized on this form and the application. I understand all parties involved must sign all legal documents and all monies due be paid in full prior to Preston Run releasing keys on the premises.

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